Makeup & Beauty

Radiate your beauty with a look perfect for your occasion. Please come with a freshly cleansed face without makeup to facilitate the process. You are welcome to bring any favorite or required cosmetics you would like, otherwise our Aveda cosmetics line will be used in your appointment.

Makeup Services

Eyelash Extensions: Full Set
Give your lashes amazing length, fullness, and thickness. Natural-looking, customizable, and weightless, your lashes can even be maintained year-round with recommended touch-ups (fills) every two to four weeks.
Eyelash Extensions: Full Fill
Three weeks since your last full fill or full set.
Eyelash Extensions: Partial Fill
Less than three weeks since your last lash fill or full set.
Eyelash Extensions Removal
Lash Lift (Lash Perm)
Curl your natural lashes and look fabulous. Enjoy the results for 4-6 weeks.

Add on a lash tint to your lash lift service for only $15.

Gold Powder Collagen Lip Mask Treatment (add-on)
Multi-task during your lash service! This lip treatment is used to decrease wrinkles, clear blemishes, and provide moisture to nourish the lips and surrounding area. This anti-aging mask is used to promote the synthesis of natural collagen to hydrate and nourish lips to create a natural plump.