Hand and foot services allow our team to soothe and relieve stress from hands and feet. Your treatment will include customized nail care, polish or buff shine finish.

Serenity Signature Eco-Manicure
$40 | 45 min
Discover why we are known for our nails. At Serenity, this is more than just a nail appointment, it is an experience. In addition to your nail care maintenance, you’ll receive cuticle work, hand treatment, and polish application
$30 | 30 min
Enjoy this refreshing service that includes nail maintenance and cuticle work, polish application or buff and shine finish.
OPI Powder Perfection (Nail Dip) Service
$60 | up to 90 min
All the same benefits of our Serenity Signature manicure combined with the unique technology of OPI’s Powder Perfection line. This is a quick applying, odor-free acrylic alternative that promotes a clean-air environment while offering gel-like shine and weeks of wear without the need to light cure. It even has a soak-off removal process, no sanding, and no damage to your natural nail.
Serenity Signature Eco-Pedicure
$60 | 60 min
A spa pedicure experience focused on not just your nails—this service includes massage techniques to promote circulation and detoxification while maintaining the integrity and even improving the appearance of your nails, legs and feet. Treatment includes an invigorating cleansing and exfoliation, steam towel wraps, as well as a moisturizing lotion treatment for your legs and feet.
On-the-Go Pedicure
$50 | 45 min
Refresh and renew your toes and feet with nail maintenance and cuticle work, polish application or buff and shine finish.

Add-On Treatments & Enhancements

Reflexology: Pedicure
Reflexology, or zone therapy, uses various touch and massage techniques on specific points of the feet, hands, or ears to normalize body function, detox, and restore energy throughout the body.
Gel Polish Upgrade
French Polish
Polish Change
Gel Removal